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the future

so i had lunch today with a friend. his sister used to babysit me when i was younger. he went to the same college i went to for aviation. he moved to florida and got a job pumping av-gas and now flys a falcon for a charter company.

talking to him made me feel better about what im doing. he said the hardest part of the whole thing is getting those first one or two jobs. which i kind of figured already.

he has a friend who owns a sea plane company in florida. he said when the time is right he will introduce me. they do a lot of flights to the keys and other islands and tours. he could get me my rating for around $2000 out the door. i told him how i want to do more stick and rudder flying instead of going the airline route. i know this may be hard but also having someone to talk to that has been through it is nice for once.

My grandpa passed away a month or so ago and today I get this sign from my aunt that used to be his. I didn’t even know he was a pilot

My parents “new” boat from 1965




Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life -video-


well damn

theres some nights when upbeat music just doesn’t cut it and all that works is that slow back beat and a guitar

Might be the biggest cup of coffee I’ve ever gotten for $2

I need good study music suggestions




The Flying Fuck

This is like favorite gif now

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Anonymous asked:
How do you think is the best way for someone to learn about firearms and the laws of their state?




Try and talk to people online about it like us. We are scattered all over and are more than happy to help!

Pick up a fucking gun, train yourself (not just training with the gun, but educate yourself) That’s how.

that doesn’t answer their fucking question. Its kind of intimidating to people new to guns and talking like that to em wont make them want to pursue it further. Check the tone.

Go into your gun shop and talk to the people there when they are slow. They are usually more than happy to talk guns


The gif though

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Gran Torino (2008)

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idk why but i really like the way this filter looks on this photo