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Nolan Ryan — Hoodie Allen

Love me some hoodie

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Vin Diesel does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

He dumps a buck of all ice. Not water with a little ice added.


Jon Langston - Beer In The Headlights

When did you post this?! I just head it and it’s great


That’s cool

Add to list of things to try to do

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Rugby Reblog. Lets see just how big the Rugby universe is on Tumblr.

Showers are so much better with another person

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Some people have air fresheners hanging from their mirror. I have handmade wooden top water lure

Can wait to get the fuck out of here


Alaska bush flying


Belts, Cowl Flaps, Gas on fullest tank, Gear down - three green, no red, Mixture, at the abeam point, power back to 14”, approach flaps set, passing 96kt - Prop full forward, turn base, 85kt, three green, no red, turn final, landing flaps, 77kt, three green, no red, cleared for the option…. Lather, rinse, repeat….

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So I accidentally started playing the vocal-only-version of crushcrushcrush in two tabs

oh my god beautiful mistake

Holy fucking shit

yeah i fuckin dig this

Idk who this is but it’s kinda cool

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Island Wings Air Service… Owned and operated by Michelle (pictured) in her beloved Lady Esther II. If you’re ever in Ketchikan and want a ride, definitely take one of her tours. Super personalized and a ton of fun. Probably the best thing we did on our honeymoon.

I would kill to fly for her….